Feb 25, 2014

Mobile World Congress 2014 - Day 2

Sony Xperia Z2 and Wearable photo

Today I had fun at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona visiting many stands. 

Here are my comments and opinions of the day!
  • I liked the design of the new +Sony  Xperia Z2 and the premium feel when you hold it in your hands.
  • Although +Samsung Mobile  is doing great efforts to have a nice smart watch, I still believe that Samsung wereables are a little bit behind  *Pebble Watch* yet.
  • I think that +Nokia is now on track having the chance to install Google Play apps on their Android running devices like the new Nokia X. 
  • It was impressive to see in action the behavior of the +LG Electronics G Flex with its self healing cover. There was a live demo where you could actually see how the back cover suffered some scratches and how it magically was recovered itself. 
See photos I took at my gallery!

Nov 28, 2013

5 Best budgeting and personal finance Apps

The recession might be easing but most of us are still feeling the pinch. Whether you are going from paycheck to paycheck or just need a little help with tracking your expenses, fortunately there’s an app for that. Most of us talk about hemorrhaging money but what do we do about tracking our expenses?

Get ahead of the game with these five best budgeting and personal finance apps for your Android or iOS smartphone:

1. Easy Money – When it comes to the best app for trying to solve all of your budgeting needs then this is the one. The combination of a budget planner, bill reminders and expense manager makes it quick and easy to use and allows you to manage your budgets incredibly effectively.
2. Money WiseLife Hacker named this best budget tracking app in 2012 and the recent update has helped to make it easy for people to use the app for tracking expenses and also cash-flow.

3. Expensify – It is often recommended as a business app but it works for personal finance too. With this app, all you need to do is take a photo of your receipts and they become digital. This allows you to create reports and track purchases.

Download Android app  -  Download iOS app

4. Savings Goals – One of the best ways to budget responsibly and efficiently is to have a goal for how much you want to save. If there’s a holiday you want to go on or you’re buying a house or car then you can add an amount and date before a schedule and tracker is created.

Download iOS app

5. Spending Tracker – If you’re looking for a user friendly and easy app for personal finance then this is the app for you – and it’s free. With a great interface, flexible time periods and budget modes it is very easy to log income and expenses and view summaries.

Download iOS app

While there are plenty of apps to choose from, these five should help to take control of your personal finance.

Do you use any of them? Let us know under comments section!

Guest Author:
+Gloria Lorenzi is an aspiring journalist who graduated in Italy and is currently living and studying in the United Kingdom. She has a real flair for languages and a great passion for technology, which she tries to combine in her articles.

Sep 29, 2013

SEAT has been awarded by the Mobile Marketing Association

+SEAT (Spanish car manufacturer) won 2 Smarties Awards by MMA (+Mobile Marketing Association), which is the most important association for Mobile in the world.

SEAT was awarded for the New Leon ST web special which highlights the main features of the car and let the user to interact much better with the product rather than just static copy and photos. Digital marketing is getting more and more complex and here is the proof of a nice innovation.
The ceremony took place this week in New York, USA and won the Silver prize in Mobile Site category and Bronze prize in Product/Services launch.

Here are the links check it out!
- Watch the Leon ST video
- Check the MMA awards gallery
- And of course, the live mobile web special [in Spanish by now]
The agency who helped to develop the mobile web special and mobile site is Movement, from UK.

Jul 25, 2013

The Power of Now - Getting Things Done

There are certain things that apply both to work life and personal life and one of them is being organized and do things and tasks.  The Power of Now is a method I am starting to progressively use and I will explain bellow.

Getting Things Done (GTD) is a time-management method that tries to sort different tasks into projects and them rank them in order finally do them.

I have tried many apps like Any.do, Google Tasks or even Trello. They do their function and are in general OK but the real and main issue I had is that I am not constant into using them. Yes, I probably use them for a week or so but later I forget, do not feel like updating it or whatever other reason.

My personal experience with Getting Things Done is very simple:

  1. I use lists. Currently I use Google Keep, which is not perfect but for me works.  My review (in Spanish) of Google Keep
  2. If someone interrupts me and solving the question takes less than 30-45 seconds, I go ahead and support in that moment. If the task takes more time, I put it into the queue. 
  3. If I have to do something I try to do right away. I call it the power of now. 

The benefits of The Power of Now are: 

  • You will forget less things.
  • You will not have to take notes on your "to-do list". 
  • You get real things done. Right away.
Of course it is not the most comfortable away of doing things but if you want to achieve certain tasks done at the end of the day, it requires some effort in return.  

Just try it. Do the things NOW. 

Jan 23, 2013

Spain has strong assets

Although Spain has been on the news for the economic crisis for the past 2 years, there are some fundamental reasons Spain is not that bad. Actually, nowadays it has not bailed-out yet and the GDP forecast for 2012 has not been as bad as predicted. Foreign investors are recovering the trust in Spanish debt (last week sovereign debt had the highest demand in a very long time).

Besides that, tourism sector which brought 57 million visitors (Spain has a population of 47 million), it has huge companies with business across the world like OHL, Abertis, Santander and many others. Spain is also a world-class reference for solar energy, fashion industry (Zara successes quite popular as case study every business school)

On top of that Spaniards are nice people (first organ donor ratio), we have great food and generally have a great mood.

However the brand "Spain" has been a little damaged for the past months, it still have strong assets. To prove it I wanted to share this video with you. Enjoy.

Nov 29, 2012

Starbucks mobile payment strategy

Everyone knows that Starbucks serve coffee.A lot of people also know that Starbucks have some add-ons like:
  • Customized coffee made of good quality coffee
  • Innovation in products, like Frapucino (frozen coffee)
  • Free Wi-Fi when ordering products
  • Nice ambience: music and sofas all around the store.
  • Service to companies: with leasing of coffee makers and more.
  • Shop online
  • Coffees for occasions such as Thanksgiving coffee
  • Special Events: coffee tasting and concerts.
  • Marketing Mobile: They have apps and ways to pay coffee with the cell. (link to apps).
So, regarding to Mobile Marketing, Only a few have realized that Starbucks mobile payments strategy is one of the best on the market by now.  Instead of trying to implement splendid NFC (Near Field Communication) solutions, Starbucks have chosen QR basic codes that are built in both for iPhone and Android through apps. It is like having Starbucks money into your cellphone. 

Maybe it is not the best solution in the long run (where probably NFC will become the standard) but by know the solution they have chosen works great and everyone with an iPhone /Android can use it. Just remember that by now (November 2012) only a few people own a device with NFC.

Starbucks is trying doing great marketing (remember the adds on just listed above) and also is deeply integrated the new technologies that are present nowadays. We all have many things to learn from Starbucks, even small and medium companies.

To really see what I have explained about mobile payments, watch this video on how easy is paying for a coffee in Starbucks. It's really cool!

Nov 26, 2012

8 reasons why Primark is cheap

Primark, the Irish clothing retailer that serves cheap fashion has become a business success. Let's review 8 facts that explain why they have an inexpensive price for their clothes.

1) Supply Chain: Like it posted a couple of weeks ago in Zara vs. Primark, Zara delivers fashions while Primark deliver clothing.  The irish company delivers clothes as a commodity so they do straightforward desings with cheap materials that does not lenght a lot. They do not have repeteated collections. What they have in stock its what they sell. This reduces stocks costs.

2) Low Running Costs: Primark stores are usually located in the outskirts (with some exceptions like Barcelona L'illa store) so the local rent they pay is relatively low.  

3) Low advertising costs: No commercials, no TV, no magazines. They save money. Dont worry they just work with the word of mouth.

4) Human resources: lots of unexpensive workers that are usually tidying up the clothes tables and on cashiers. They do not need a lot of management. 

5) Huge stores: in europe where all the sizes are smaller than in the US, Primark stores are noticeably bigger than their competitiors. They can earn more money through volume more than by margin. 

6) Supermarket techniques: like loss leader. They have products by almost nothing. By the sum of those cheap articles plus some others that are not that inexpensive is how Primark do business.

7) Quality/price not bad at all.  Stores are usually full of non-resident families.

8) Customer deal perception: with 20€ you can buy many items that really look great. The client's feeling after purchasing at Primark is usually as follows:

Happy customer #1: "Look what I bought for 20€! What a bargain!"
Happy customer #2:  “Wow! For less than 30€ I got new shoes and a new dress for tonight party!”

The positive sensation helps the customer to keep coming back in the near future and also to recommend the retail clothing store to his/her friends to buy. As you can see, neuromarketing is quite powerful and it applies to this concrete situation.

Low cost marketing and neuromarketing have a clear presence into Primark marketing strategy.

How do you feel when shopping such a nice deal?  And what about when you buy something rather expensive that and the end you don't even need?
Please, let me know how do you feel when shopping right bellow on the comments section!

Primark logo
Primark is a clothing retailer that sells cheap